6-05 Mixtape Cover_feel Young.jpg

The 6.05 Mixtape

by feel Young

released: 06 | 05 | 15
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mixed by:
Kenny for Parkhouse Studios

The 6.05 Mixtape is a celebration of my featured performance at 2nd State Lounge in Philly on June 5th, as well as a celebration of getting my website together. I had been working on individual songs for a little while, not really thinking about an overall theme or "album" concept. Just making music that I wanted to make.

Each of these five songs represents something that has been influencing me heavily over the past few months.. weather it be social conflict in current events, me being goofy and writing silly lyrics, me being angry and writing frustrated lyrics, or just my overall, raw, passion to make hard-hitting, entertaining music.. Whatever it is, you can find it here..
on The 6.05 Mixtape

Mama Young says, "Love Yourself First"