feel Young is a hip hop artist whose projects focus on positivity, growth, and boom-bap. His most recent EP, “An Opportune Displacement,” is available here and on Soundcloud. You can catch him doing live shows in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. 

Stay positive or die. 


One of my earliest encounters with hip hop was, “N 2 Gether Now,” a song featuring Method Man on one of my older sister’s Limp Bizkit albums. From there I branched out to artists like Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, and Missy Elliot, who had me enthralled during my late 90’s adolescence. As I grew up I began to internalize concepts from lyrics by Lil’ Wayne, 50 Cent, and many others who inspired me to write braggadocios lyrics which illustrated my involvement with money, women, and drugs. All of which were lies..

As a young teen, my parents forbade me from going to a 50 Cent concert. But when I entered my first semester at Temple University I attended a show that completely altered my perspective on hip hop. It was a free concert during welcome week; and it was the first time I had ever heard of the rapper, Common. His performance was electrifying, and his lyrics contained positive subject matter. Through his words and stories he would delve into current events and his own personal life, which is something that would eventually inspire the young MC within me.

That show is what first led me to dig and discover classic, old school hip hop artists. And it was down the rabbit hole from there as I began exposing myself to more "conscious" hip-hop artists; both old and new. Common quickly became my favorite artist and one of the most significantly influential figures on my own music. As a result, the stories I began to telling reflected the realities of my life, and the experiences I was going through as a maturing, young adult. 


It was through my brutally honest and sincere method of self-expression that we arrived at my two full-length mixtapes, Finish Through the Line (August, 2012) and It’s Gonna Be Okay (July, 2014). Each project I do is definitive of a certain stage of my life; it reflects my overall state of being and state of mind throughout the duration of that time period. And so, as long as I continue to live and experience things, I will continue to express myself and present stories through music..

Finish Through the Line
My debut mixtape. In a way, this project was a formal introduction; to let you into my thoughts and my creative spirit. i let you into my life through an emotional roller-coaster of tracks revealing love, pain, seriousness and hilarity. I bare it all without holding back, inhaling people and events in my life and exhaling them back into the mic. The project captured every moment of my life leading up to it and presented it all in a raw and completely unmixed state.

It's Gonna Be Okay
Four years prior to the release of this project, I wrote a song with the same title. It vividly depicted my accounts as a teenager whose parents were going through a divorce that was ridden with court battles and struggle due to low income. The original song was how I expressed the certainty that everything would be okay, and now the mixtape serves as an affirmation that we are fortified by our struggles. Through the 16 song compilation we discover that adversity inherently leads to growth.

The 6.05 Mixtape
This project is a celebration of my featured performance at 2nd State Lounge in Philly on June 5th, as well as a celebration of getting my website together. This album does not have an overall "concept," rather the concept is a compilation of my thoughts/feelings and inspirations leading during the months leading up to its release. Weather it be social conflict in current events, me being goofy and silly, or just my overall passion to make hard-hitting, entertaining music.. You can find all of these and more on this LP.

Mama Young says, "Love Yourself First"